Create Talents is the first model agency in Singapore to have scouted me and I was deeply flattered by their invitation as I never thought that anyone would actually want me as a model. I had asked my other model friends in Singapore for their opinions about that agency and none of them had any negative remarks to share so I headed down to give a shot. I was required to do a portfolio with the agency, to show the clients what I'm capable of when my bookers propose me for jobs. Confidence is the selling point in the photos so I got a little nervous but I had a ball of a time. I travel quite often and I work part-time as a personal gym trainer so modeling tops up as another great avenue for me to meet new people. Though modeling can be fun, you have to be prepared for rejections too. There's always someone better than you out there so you got to take everything by stride, manage your expectations well and enjoy the ride.

- Lorne P, Gym Trainer

I was shopping alone at Bugis when a scouter approached me introducing to me the agency and asked if I was interested to be a model. I was quite skeptical of the offer and in fact i wanted to escape from the scouter so I quickly gave my number before leaving the scene. I went online to check for more information about the agency to check if it was a scam and there were job references displayed on the website that shows the agency is actively providing jobs for the models. I went to the interview with my mum and the consultant addressed our query and reassured my mum that the models will be in good hands of the agency. The most memorable job I did was my first job I received after the first audition I went for. It was a mad rush after completing my exam papers and my mum had to help me with the makeup as well as the heels which were bought at the last minute. However it was all worthwhile as I manage to get the job after all. Modelling has helped me to be a more expressive and interactive person. I became less afraid to speak my mind after going through a series of event assignments from the agency. The experiences had definitely helped to boost my confidence.

- Yvonne C. Experienced events model

I had moved to Singapore to pursue my full time career as an accountant. As I used to be an events coordinator in Malaysia, I wanted to do something similar in Singapore as a sideline hobby too. I went online to search, discovered a few model agencies that engage models for events and Create Talents is one of them. I made comparisons with the various model agencies' websites and decided to go with Create Talents because the site layout appeared to be the most presentable thus giving a more reputable impression. I did quite a number of outfits for the portfolio with the agency and have been receiving numerous  ad assignments from the agency since then as fatherly-corperate characters. I still receive regular job notifications from my bookers and hopefully  I will get to shoot in a  greater variety of roles  too.

- Ethan K. Full-Time Accountant

The first time in my entire life I was scouted was during my mid-thirties while I was walking along Orchard Road after work. The first thought that came to my mind when this young man approached me was 'not another survey again and I tried to get away from him. Then the scenario changed when he prompted me if I was interested to be a model. I stopped dead in my tracks by his compliments and immediately agreed on the spot. It was so rare to be at the right place and at right time to be spotted by a scouter way above all the crowd that was there on the fateful day. I thought that I didn't want to waste any time, any of the chances despite of the negative opinions my friends had of the agency, I decided to go for it. I knew that because of my age, it could be an disadvantage so I was just contented to be able to receive jobs and auditions irregardless of the pay. It started to get mundane after all the unsuccessful auditions. Last year December 2009 came the turning point of my life when my Booker asked me down to update my portfolio with my new look and since then I started to receive more jobs regularly too! It was such a surprise and I was glad that I gave myself the opportunity to be part of the agency.

- Elly, enjoys travelling around the world

I could never see myself as a commercial model until I had joined Create Talents who had scouted me twice before I was invited for an interview. It was a new experience and a refreshing deviant from my job as an engineer. In spite of the tight working schedule, I was able to avail myself for the different auditions. Every part of the modeling journey is learning process to overcome camera fears and opening myself up more to interviewers during auditions. Through the agency, I got to learn more about how commercials are produced, picked up posing skills and made interesting friends with the other models whom I got to work with. I believe that in order to fulfill your duty as a model it takes willingness and discipline to t client's instructions at the job site. It's also about making each moment count as the portfolio photos and the advertisements that you appear on would be an achievement that will stay with you for life. Contrast to popular belief of unaccountable modeling agencies, Create Talents has been following up on me with multiple audition calls and offers. Gradually but surely, I hope to build my foundations well and pursue freelance modeling in the long run.

- Patrick T

Modeling was a platform for me to elevate my appearance and wardrobe, a chance which every girl would dream of to look pretty at their prime age in front of a camera. I decided to sign up with the agency in spite of the scam rumors as I was genuinely interested in modeling. The portfolio was a source of investment which would bring in the assignments in the long run and I have been taking up a few events so far. The variety of responses received from the public during the events makes the experience enjoyable. I have learned to express myself more freely to approach people more courageously as I started to gain even greater confidence in my personal presentation. I have made a number of friends through the assignments and gained quite a bit of media marketing knowledge which will surely come in handy as I aspire to open my own cafe in the near future.

- Winnie T, dreams of opening her own bakery

The reason why I had my daughter Angelina enrolled into Create Talents because it was such a coincidence that we were scouted on our way out from home and my daughter enjoys being in front of the camera so much that modeling is probably the best opportunity for her talents to be developed. I hoped that through the interactions with people, she will pick up interpersonal skills which will help her to be less shy around people. She has truly overcome her shyness that she has become more expressive of her emotions through acting and posing. Expressiveness also encourages the young ones to socialize which is important for them as they mature. She has a talent as well in changing her facial expressions and moods in just split seconds. She loves acting in drama and being on stage; gets excited in participating runway shows and fashion shoots whenever she sees them. Modeling is a platform for her to pursue her passion to the fullest potential; where she's free to be herself and do what she love. Create Talents has been a great help by giving her auditions and assignments. Hence I believe that Create Talents is a place where she can be groomed as a successful model should she plan to pursue it as her prime career in the future.

- Angelina L's Mum

I was introducedto Create Talents while me and my daughter were shopping and I thought it would be worth to check it out. The agency explained to me thoroughly about the procedures and decided this is the agency w e would like to sign up with, thus saving me time to make comparisons with the other agencies. The communications between me and the booker were very clear which led to my daughter's first assignment, a TV commercial filmed in Malaysia. We were well taken care of through out the course of our assignment. It was a great experience for my daughter, even at a tender age of 17 months and as her mother, I am definitely pleased with our relationship with the agency and would look forward for more opportunities to come.

- Calla's Mum (Lillian)

I was first scouted by Create Talents when I was having my school holidays and coincidentally looking for a job as well. I decided to take up the given opportunity since I was quite interested in modeling too. Initially when I first signed up, I wasn't sure if there were any jobs for me but on the optimistic side, the photos could be for memories sake so with my mum's support, I did a few outfits for my portfolio. Subsequently after I was being recommended by my Booker to the clients, I was selected for a number of new jobs such as the Xin MSN TV Commercial and outdoor promotional event with Starhub.. The experiences were unforgettable as filming for the TV commercial wasn't as difficult as I thought and it was so much fun role playing as a nurse for the Starhub event as well. I'm really grateful that I been selected for the commercial projects even though I may not have the supermodel qualities As what I had observed so far, how suitable the model is for the job, her character and attitude carries far more value than her appearance. That is my good news for anyone out there who is interested in this respectable field of modeling and they should pursue it if they are keen too.

- Aini, Freelance Events Model

My first modeling assignment started when I had been selected for as a hair show model with Loreal. I would not have been able to ease through the auditions without the detailed briefing by my Booker who went the extra mile to explain the importance of each guideline. The expectation of the clients had been well identified as the questions raised were as what my Booker had predicted. I had been personally coached for the catwalk as well prior to the hair show and the trainer had been really encouraging to spur me on in spite being unfamiliar in this area of modeling. My first take on cat walking had highlighted to me of how to carry a good posture and maintain eye contact with audiences. My confidence was elevated and I'm able to express my body language better when engaging with people. All the staff had been really friendly and warm each time I drop by. I appreciate the sincerity of their services in engaging me with opportunities and exposures even though I was still new to the company. The flexibility of being a freelance model had certainly expanded my horizons and kindled personal growth in my character.

- MaryAnn, Loreal Hairshow model

I came to know Create Talents on two occasions when I was scouted on the streets. I didn't think much of it on the first time I was scouted as I thought that it could probably be a scam. I was more convinced the second time round I didn't expect that I'd be scouted twice in a row. The moment I received their call for an interview, it had surprised me so that it got me excited to find out more. I was introduced to a consultant who shared with me about Create Talents but was caught a little off guard when it came to the portfolio. I wasn't expecting for it but after considering from a business perspective,joining the modeling industry is taking up any regular job that pays you. However we have to sow before we can reap and experiences have been proven more valuable than money. I considered that it could be an investment worthwhile and decided to go for it. The photos turned out great and the portfolio landed me in a few print advertisement and TVC assignments. If it wasn't for time constraint, I would have gone for more than a handful of jobs now. Modeling is a profession and as a model you have to be self-motivated for every given assignment. Listening skills are crucial also to carry out the instructions of directors and crew. I would definitely recommend this agency to any interested individuals out there as it's definitely not a scam given that my first paycheck got through. Modeling is part of my lifestyle now and looking forward to many more opportunities to come I hope!

- Roland, Night Safari Commentary Guide

Personally to me, you're considered 'lucky' if people would want 'a piece' of you in their photos and that can be a healthy dose of morale boost as well. I would consider freelance modeling as easy and carefree compared to corporate business. Imagine that you are getting paid to have fun and that I think is a brilliant idea which I tremendously enjoy. During my very first assignment, there were many models of all nationalities were gathered together at this office which has the interior superbly designed. As a model, you need to be able to interact, mingle and get instantaneously acquainted with the people you have to collaborate with on site. Being open is the key and definitely relaxed enough to enjoy the thrill as the subject of attention during photo shoots. Enjoy the process along the way as you set out to build on your experiences and credentials. The compilation of the portfolio, base on the model's initiative, is crucial for future casting purposes that could determine the likelihood of model getting the project. It may be intimidating initially for any model who has just started out on their own to get jobs and appraisals from clients. Nevertheless it is always worth the wait as when the opportunity strikes, seize it with your best.

- Michael M. , digs Indie and Rock Alternative

Traveling all the way from Japan to Singapore, I had only the intentions to seek for a job I would love and to breakaway from the highly stressful corporate culture in Japan. I like the sunny weather here in Singapore compared to Japan and the hawker food is full of Asian flavor. Living here for only about a year, it didn't cross my mind that I would get scouted here in a foreign land, join a modeling agency. I was quite awkward when the scouter approached me but at the same time I was excited about this new experience. Very soon after I gave the scouter my number, I was called for an interview which I delightfully accepted. Their office to my surprise is tastefully designed with quite a number of staff running the agency. Getting to know Create Talents really changed my perception of modeling agencies that they can be successful and reliable. I got my first job though Create Talents for a photo shoot with HP and it was very enjoyable to interact with the professional photographer and models of different nationalities. I am also very interested in acting and hope to get my first TV commercial assignment with the agency too!

- Kazuya, loves Singapore hawker food

Being in Singapore for 2 and a half years now, I have found most Singaporeans to be really friendly and approachable. Likewise for the people at Create Talents whereby I got to know the agency when I was scouted on the streets. The scouter then took down my contacts to arrange for an appointment for me to get to know more about the company. I gladly accepted the offer with much anticipation as I had wanted to be a model when I was young. When I went down to their office, my first impression of them was that the staff were all very nice. They then arranged a studio shoot for my first portfolio which I was quite impressed with as I liked how the photos turned out. Another thing that I had enjoyed with Create Talents was the opportunity to mingle with other international expats whom I get to meet when we were filming for a TV Commercial. I totally the limelight and I forward more of such opportunities too of being featured through the mass media. The job also gave me the chance to work with the production professionals which was quite an experience for me as I enjoy exploring the media.

- Hanna G. from Germany

How I started with Create Talents was when a scouter had approached me on the streets asking if I was interested in freelance modeling. Having acquired experiences from previous modeling openings long before, it is commonly known for most modeling agencies to scout their talents by the streets so I gave my contacts with ease in hope that it will open up new doors for me. However I was not familiar with Create Talents before thus was still unsure if the agency was genuine. A consultant shared with me about the company and inferred the information base on what I know of modeling agencies it was certain that Create Talents is credible enough to be engaged with. Over the years with them, I had watched how the company has progressed steadily and after casting an update of my portfolio shots at their house studio, I begin to receive more job calls and had since been called on by regular major productions firms who would engage me for their series of print adverts. Currently I'm a freelance hairstylist which offers me more time in modeling hence I do hope that I can venture out for overseas assignments too in the near future. ”


- Freelance Hairstylist


" What I do enjoy most about modeling is that it complements with my extrovert personality and jovial lifestyle of reaching out to new people everyday. I love being among people and share my talents with them. I enjoy radio hosting, dancing, acting and most of all singing. I found my passion in media ever since I started listening to DJ hosts on the radio. I like how their exuberant energy level could easily capture the attention and hearts of the listeners simply through the airwaves. I like to interact with people and Create Talents has given me many of such opportunities to run events and participate in mass photo shoot. I also get to go for many auditions whereby I get to bring out my personality, engage with the professionals charismatically to make the best impression within that short period of time. When I actively adapt in the different production roles in delivering the expectations of the clients, as a media student, it is a very relevant and humble experience to learn more about the industry. I definitely see the potential in expanding myself creatively in this agency and have encouraged my friends and those who are interested in modeling to give it a shot too. "

- Her face lights up like a little girl when she sees a lollipop


My keen interest in modeling started with an ambition to penetrate the entertainment scene as a singer and modeling has molded me well for future endeavors. Modeling opens me to media themes such as advertisements and events. I had adapted to be comfortable before the camera while fulfilling the guidelines which were meticulously briefed by my Booker. The briefings were beneficial in preparing myself for the auditions and definitely boost my confidence in delivering myself better. I got to know Create Talents when I was first drawn to their sleek mysterious metallic of their shop front. The word 'Talents' had certainly caught my eye which had induced me to research further. After visiting their website, I decided to drop by again and was impressed by the consultant's genuine and truthful approach. My first photo shoot with them was pleasant and had developed more appeal towards modeling photography since then. Every opportunity given to audition and model had its unique learning experience which had refined both my knowledge and flexibility in this profession. The ability to impersonate with clients had heightened my communication skills to the next level. I am quite grateful for the exposure given and I'm looking forward for more to come with Create Talents.

- Joanne.P , Unafraid and unintimidated


" I was first introduced to Create Talents by a scouter at Bugis who had approached me to ask if I was interested in modeling. I was surprised but gave my contacts nevertheless and did receive a call for interview few days later. I was quite elated to be invited and decided to drop by to get to know more about the company. I was then interviewed by a consultant who gave a comprehensive overview of the agency and their past achievements supported by prominent brands. Their impressive portfolio struck a chord in me with a desire to be part of them too. I was also suggested to take shoots for my portfolio which turned out great. Soon after I was confirmed for a TV commercial which was a privilege as I could finally unleash my modeling passion that was constrained due to family objections and cultural differences. It was eye opening to witness the professional crews in action behind every scene. Create Talents has been efficient and excellent to work with as everything had proceeded smoothly as opposed to the public stereotypes. I would definitely recommend aspiring models who are willing to chase their dreams as opportunities will be present so long they are willing to seize the day."

- Harik , member of Indian Dance Association

"I had a really easy time with Create Talents as opposed to my previous encounters with other agencies and there were many projects assigned to me during in the last two years. My Booker had been really understanding and I was impressed with their great customer service. I had garnered a lot of learning experiences by being engaged with the different photographers and clients. My posing techniques had improved tremendously after being put to the test by taking on a variety of challenges as a freelance model. Perfection comes with practice and working hard can be convivial too especially in modeling. It is one of my professional vocation whereby I get to do what I like and be paid for it as well. It's a great way to earn a living by having fun which is certainly a privilege to do so. Overall I enjoy the freedom of freelancing modeling which has been a great way to work, and to play!"

- Edward, Theatre Works is art appreciation put into action

" I was surprised when I was approached by a scout from Create Talents who commented that I could have a potential to be their freelance model. I went down to their office and impressed by their professional portfolio consisting of reputable clients. Which were also convinced me of the potential jobs that I will be getting and hence proceeded with the portfolio. The portfolio is useful in presenting to the clients a diversity of looks portrayed through the different outfits I had taken. I believe that it is required of the models to convey the appropriate feelings so as to communicate with the audience through the images. It may not be as easy as it looks but I am certain that anybody can be a model so long you have the personality and the 'looks' the director would be looking for to fit the character's role; which could be from a father to a product user. If there's ever a possibility, I'd like to seek for an opportunity to go for overseas assignments too as Create Talents continue keep new projects rolling in. I would encourage anyone who is interested to pursue their interest as the perks of modeling will enable you to meet interesting people from all walks of life too."

- Zahrin, A father of one and avid mountain biker

I had always thought modeling to be no more than pretty faces sashaying down runways. It was after I had joined Create Talents that I had discovered an important aspect of the industry which is commercial modeling. I was quite a shy person and could blush easily at awkward moments. However after meeting major clients through Create Talents, my insecurities had been dispelled as I become more comfortable meeting new people. The personal trainer's guidance had equipped me well for every audition. Some points highlighted were nurturing self esteem, the power of make up and to know how to carry myself well. The catwalk training made me realize to be composed and smile at all times to maintain contact with the audience while modeling the product. My Booker briefs me a day before each event so as to remind me of how you should approach clients,how to give a proper handshake and the orientation of attire. Basic knowledge as such is only with agility to learn and grooming by mentors. With the support of my mum, I had become more adventurous to experiment with the different assignments and definitely looking forward for more.”

-Sufancia, likes hiphop dance

I had joined Create Talents as a part-time job after completing my national service while waiting for the enrollment of my university course. I first spotted their recruitment ad on the newspaper and thought it would be an interesting experience to take up modeling. When I was invited down for an interview with their consultant, I was quite impressed with their vast achievements of advertising collaborations that we get to see everyday. Thus after assessing more information from the consultant, I signed on with them on the spot and went on with the portfolio shoot. Not long after, I received my first assignment for a commercial shoot and it was quite fun with intriguing vibes from the media exposure that I got to be part of. Through this experience, I had learned to discover my potential and be more confident of my looks. I used to be quite an introvert in school but had opened up more I had started body building. Thereafter I considered to take on modeling as a way to challenge myself and enlarge my capacity. Modeling is a way for me to pick up life skills, adaptability and refinement of my interpersonal communications with people. I enjoyed the memorable experiences, the warm staff at Create Talents and definitely looking forward for more opportunities in the future.”

- Alvin G., loves to push his limits while working out at the gym

Being an adventurous junkie and adrenaline seeker, I took up modeling as a way to gain new experiences in exploring what goes on behind the scene for every advertising productions. It is refreshing to be able to experience the different styles of every production houses and distinct personalities of the photographers that I had worked with. Much of my assigned roles as a 'family man' allows me to interact with a lot of energetic children who can be a whole lot of fun to be with. I have made long-lasting friendships too through modeling as well. I have also got to witness how Create Talents had emerged from their humble beginnings to their present new office location being more advanced in their facilities, multiplication of clientele network and diversified pool of talents. Back then I was doubtful of their dodgy office space but their consultant had won me over with a clear delivery of the company's background knowledge and modeling information. Booker has been very responsible and accommodating during my tight schedules. I appreciate the company's efficiency and the staff's professionalism when it comes to working with the models.”

- Marcus R.

I had always wanted to be a model from young as I enjoy being photographed. It was through my brother's friend who had recommended to join Create Talents as he was a model there too. After a consultation interview, I joined the agency and did up my portfolio. Soon after, I got my first job call which was also an overseas assignment at Kuala Lumpur. There I met many wonderful professionals who had shared with me their expertise of modeling. I was especially impacted by one of their makeup artist who shared a lot of his experiences and advised me of how I can engage with the clients during castings. Throughout my course of modeling, I had learned the importance of simple virtues such as smiling. How a smile can change one's perception about someone and I started smiling more at work after I started modeling. People had commented that I was different before and truly I was, more open to express emotions through posing to allow my personality shine through. I am grateful to Create Talents for giving me the opportunity to model and had learned a lot even just by participating in auditions. The Bookers have been friendly too and it's been quite a satisfactory experience overall. ”

- Charlotte Judith

Freelance modeling has been a fulfilling experience to unravel into the world of acting which is definitely a great way to unwind from my day job. It is exciting to take on different roles and exhibit one's character through the creative expressions of various media mediums. My background in TV commercials started out in my homeland where the rich infusion of the arts and media had conjured my interest in part-time commercial acting. I had moved to Singapore few years later and was scouted on the streets by Create Talents. It was a pleasant encounter but here were still doubts in mind as I wasn't familiar with the modeling scene here and had read about some critics along the way too. While considering, I had searched out other agencies in comparison, realizing that Create Talent's prime focus and strength has been commercial advertisements hence I thought that it could be ideal after all. Soon after I was given a number of projects with people who had made it such a joy on the set. Overall, it has been a series of interesting experiences and hope that I can continue to strive in my passion for commercial modeling through Create Talents. ”

- Oliver C.

As much as I enjoy acting, modeling is somewhat similar except that it's all about the non-verbal communication. It takes a lot of guts and practice to perfect the poses and find the right angles, but it is still fun to experiment with the different facial expressions. The general misconception people have of models is that one needs to be exceptionally gorgeous. I believe hard work triumphs over any 'natural' talent one has. When you are not shortlisted for the job though, it doesn't mean that you are aesthetically incompetent! It's usually a matter of the clients' requirements for the model's internal or external skills and attributes. I have come to realize that what a model really needs is a charismatic attitude and good interpersonal skills to have the ability to carry herself well in order to capture the client's attention. Working with Create Talents has also highlighted to me the fine distinction between commercial and fashion modeling. It is fascinating to see how the different production houses function whenever I go for job calls and auditions. Create talents has been professional in emphasizing to the models the importance of accountability, responsibility and punctuality, in this way relaying the clients' expectations of the models (us) they will be engaging. Although I am still new to the industry, I definitely hope to book more runway shows! I have once done a show for a schoolmate's clothing line and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would love to do editorials as well!”

- Rachel T., a hippie wannabe

I have been modeling for Create Talents for a number of years now and was acquainted with them when I was scouted by one of their representatives on the streets. There and then a young lady introduced herself and gave a brief background of the agency. She offered me her name card for reference purposes and had asked me to give her my contact number. I was quite resistant at first but after much persuasion and reassurance, I gave my contacts and was later called on for a friendly interview. Back then, I had been considering to join modeling for quite a while to gain new experiences. I checked up with the other agencies and concluded that Create Talents has one of the most affordable rates around for portfolios hence I knew that I was at the right place and time. Drawing from a background of hip-hop extroversion with a built-in confidence, I thought that probably I might have what it takes to measure up to it. My experiences so far haven't proven me wrong and have in fact been quite, positive and memorable. Create Talents has been progressing on well; with the expansion of the company and clientele base, it is surely a place of opportunities for aspiring models."

- Norliza, a financial consultant and a hiphop dancer

My journey with Create Talents started when I was scouted twice on the streets and was actually convinced by my friend who happened to have been engaged by the same company too. She had her portfolio beautifully taken especially her bridal photos. She looked really adorable and I thought how amazing the photographer was able to transform her a shy girl next door into a princess. It seem to me that it was quite a reputable agency and thus developed an interest to head down for the interview to find out more. I was initially approached by a few other agencies and I was flooded by their text messages and phone calls daily. Create Talents had a friendlier and subtle approach. Their scouter to begin with was quite pleasant and the consultant had been quite helpful to share with me all the things I needed to know about. With a background in dance and a passion for acting, I thought it'd be suitable to join the modeling career. It is a resolute way of gaining experiences in front of the camera and the exposure to the media. Hopefully I could through my acquaintance with modeling, it would bridge me to more media opportunities in the future. "

- Hanne S., 15yrs old and enjoys acting in musicals and cheerleading

Modeling has helped me to overcome my camera fears by learning how to look good in front of the lens and after grueling auditions I went through, I became more confident and persuasive in interacting with my friends and superior. I get to know a lot of people too in the advertising industry and enjoyed the limelight of the media every now and then. It becomes a favourite topic to talk about when I catch up with my friends as I liked the idea of being recognized for the roles that I appear on the advertisements. Modeling has definitely spiced up my life, making it more interesting as I get to do things that not everyone has a chance to do so. Due to the creative nature of the productions, the job scope of a commercial model becomes unpredictable with endless of possibilities. It requires one to think on his feet and be adventurous enough to take up the challenge. I hope that I can have a chance to appear in TV commercials as well to overcome my nervousness of reciting lines before the camera. As a whole it is a fun experience and I'm glad that modeling is now embedded as part of my life.”

- Kelvin H., a professional subway engineer

My first few months with Create Talents had been really fulfilling as I got to participate in a handful of job calls assigned by my Booker. I didn't imagine that it would be possible as I was shocked to receive their call for an interview after a scouter had simply approached me It was great to learn about the industry and get to know many people from all walks of life. The encouragements from successful auditions and the setbacks which I had picked myself from had made me a stronger and more optimistic person compared to my low-esteem in the past. Now I am more open to embrace new things in life especially after those camera casting sessions. I tried imagining the camera as a person when presenting myself and I've started to overcome my fears at every audition. I also enjoy photography modeling more and hope to have a chance to be featured in telecommunication commercials as well as editorial. The people at Create Talents had also helped me to open up also as they are all very warm and easy to communicate with which is a reliable agency for models who would like to take their first step in modeling.”

- Catherine Y., a resident model

I got to know Create Talents when I was approached by a scouter on the streets. The scouter was quite pleasant but I was still a little doubtful at first. I was later called on for an interview and accepted the invitation. During the interview session, I was fed with a lot of information regarding the nature of the jobs and gained a clearer idea what Create Talents is made of and the expectations of the clients. I have found the company to be quite credible after they've shown me their portfolio of past achievements and the profile images of the models engaged by the clients. I was relieved to know that the models required by clients are not supermodels but people we see everyday. Realizing that as a model, confidence, spontaneity and charisma priorities over the aesthetic appearance. The ability to present yourself eloquently and model the product effectively is crucial too. I was able to establish amiable relationship with the photographer whose humor had me at ease during my first photo shoot and my Booker whom I had manage to strike a cord with. It truly has been a wonderful experience with Create Talents with the people that made all the difference."

- Ashley N., an account executive who models as a hobby

I had enjoyed modeling from young as a child ever since my father had signed me up with an agency. The commercial experiences I had exposed me to various fashion shoots and catwalk for children. It was then when my love for fashion started to develop into a passion for design as well. While pursuing my tertiary studies in design, I started freelance modeling again when a scouter from Create Talents approached me. I knew there and then it's time to go all out to pursue my dreams of becoming a fashion model, especially after a long break since primary school. Create Talents is a good platform for both aspiring and experienced models as the agency has a wide clientele database that reaffirms a consistent flow of incoming assignments because in every new assignment, there will always be a demand for new faces. I became confident of the agency and decided to sign on by first getting my portfolio done with them. I liked how the photos turned out and it's been helping me to open up new doors of casting opportunities. I had lot of fun making new friends on set too which has been a refreshing way to kick start my modeling career."

- Kylie T., an aspiring fashion designer

I had tremendous interest in photography modeling as I had always enjoyed being in front of the camera. Create Talents had given me numerous opportunities through the opening of several auditions which they had signed me on. It was a pretty fuss free affair with the company as everything went smoothly right from the first interview I had with them. How I had stumbled upon the company was quite a lighthearted affair as I had been scouted 5 different scouter on my 5 rare visits to Orchard Road. It then I was convinced to drop by their office. The consultants had patiently answered my queries which had helped me to understand how freelance modeling actually works. My Booker had been very kind to offer me detailed briefings of the expectations of the clients before each audition. The information given were relevant and insightful. I became more competent in my skills and techniques through the different exposures. The demands of each project had motivated me to constantly improve myself and heighten my confidence before the camera by being at ease, flexible and creative with different poses as according to the requisite of the photographer."

- Sonia L., learns the importance of makeup during modelling

I had initially signed up my daughter, Natalie, with Create Talents for the purpose of compiling a photo album as a present for her 2 years old birthday. That was the main reason why I had decided on the portfolio shoot after I was encouraged by a scouter and their consultant. I wasn't conscious of a guaranteed modeling assignments as I knew that such projects are subjected to the client's selection. The photo shoot went smoothly as Natalie enjoys being in the center of attention and is a natural when it comes to her other interests such as singing and dancing. Surprisingly soon after the shoot, Natalie begun to receive job calls. I was happy for her as Natalie loves every moment of it that it becomes more of a 'playtime' for her and definitely looked forward to every new assignments no matter how tiring it may be. At times I wasn't able to keep up with her energy level too. She also gets to engage with the adult models which I think will be beneficial for her to acquire interpersonal skills from young. The staff at Create Talents were very friendly too and it's been a pleasing experience for me and daughter."

- Natalie K., 6 years old and loves to blow birthday candles

A friend of mine had recommended Create Talents to me during a practical assignment for an Employee upgrading course that I took. We were looking for the different interviews that we can participate in and I was brought to Create Talents while coincidentally I was interested to do modeling as well. During the interview with their consultant, I was heartened to know that Create Talents functions mainly in coordinating talents for the advertising industry especially so for commercial productions which I was not aware of in my understanding of the modeling world. I was thus drawn to commercial modeling which is more down to earth and able to identify better with the common folks genre and themes. Deriving from a customer oriented background, it gives me the confidence as a model to bring out the intended message of the advertisement by putting myself in audience's shoes. Going for the auditions and photo shoot initiates the media exposure of how media productions are run behind the scenes. Freelancing with Create Talent allows me to manage my time better with the much given opportunities to meet new people and adapt different production roles. Overall commercial modeling has added more zest to my daily life that I have been looking for."

- Jismyl Xiu, feels young at heart

I believe that much public misconceptions and scrutiny have slashed modeling agencies in Singapore as scheming scams of which I was of no exception either. When I was scouted by Create Talents, naturally I was more apprehensive than curious. However during their arranged interview, their consultant had smoothly delivered the rules of thumb of this industry and the model's professional requisite for a portfolio. Everything became crystal clear and was motivated to proceed as I do enjoy photography modeling plus considered that through the experience it will be a good way to improve yourself, boost confidence through all the trials and auditions, gain industrial knowledge, getting to know the people behind the success of TV commercials and most importantly being positive to challenges. The setbacks of a model faces through auditions are inevitable as the clients' ultimately probe high expectations over a broad range of models for the most suitable personality. However what doesn't kill you will eventually make you stronger, and more humble than I was before. I have come to realize that character counts more than exceptional aesthetic beauty of a model in commercial modeling. Hence I would encourage aspiring models to benefit from the experiences beyond the monetary gain,always give your best and be adventurous to explore."

- Sabrina N., a merchanise display artist

Commercial modeling had taught me the essence of carrying a steadfast confidence, healthy self-esteem and a courageous heart to excel great things in life. During my time spent in Create Talents has really opened my eyes of how the clients would engage models who can so ordinary looking. It has certainly changed my views towards modeling and I would encourage people to do freelance modeling even if it's just for the experience. It is an enjoyable process from the auditions to the actual production. Though it can be quite tiring at times it is an interesting way to make new friends of the same interest, carry distinctive looks with the fun makeovers of makeup and outfits for every assignment. Every project is just so diversified and it has trained me how to adapt spontaneously whenever the occasion calls for it. I've learned how to be punctual and to be more preserving even when the going gets tough. The tough do get going too whenever I get prepped by my Booker who would usually brief me in advance before sending me the auditions. The staff had been really informative and efficient. It's been a thrill ride and I've enjoyed every moment of it."

- Nelfy S., a resident model and a budding accountant

I visited Create Talents for the first time with my family when my cousin was invited for an interview. The office is very special as the units of the shops are joined together in a row unlike ordinary agencies which are usually located in office building with separated storeys. I like the place as I had fun with the staff there and was encouraged by one of them to give it a try. My mother agreed and that was how I started my journey in modeling and acting. I like to take photo shoots outdoors where I had my first portfolio taken. It was very enjoyable and the photos turned out very well that I like them very much. I made a lot of friends with the staff at Create Talents and the crew members at the job site. I had my chance to act during one of the TV commercial and was enjoyable as it was not something that I can get to experience in school. It is interesting to do modeling as I feel happy and relaxed whenever I can model. It is exciting to watch myself to be on TV and I hope that I can be an actor one day too."

- Xavier T., 12 yrs old and loves to play Diabolo and basketball

I was first acquainted with Create Talents when I was being scouted on the streets multiple times before and very often I had to politely reject their offer. Back then I was suspicious of the agency's credibility knowing that there's underlying monetary commitment. However I was gradually drawn to them when I deviate from editorial fashion spreads and focus more on commercial modeling. As what I had known, Create Talents is highlighted for their commercial assignments offered by various prominent organizations. Hence I decided to give it a shot and projects I had done so far left a memorable impression as what I would justify as the best experience so far. The TV commercial was reasonably challenging as I was given a few scenes to act but it was quite an achievement as my potential was being unleashed and put into the test. Being experienced in the modeling industry, I'd rate my experience with Create Talents to have been satisfactory as their Booker had been very committed and professional. Credits to her that she has won favors with clients hence being able to get hold of assignments which had given me the exposure I needed to further in my modeling career."

- Kya, an editorial, commerical & bridal model

As a sales and marketing personnel, my communications with clients usually revolve around emails and phone calls behind closed doors. Modeling has since broaden my horizon by being able to meet new people everyday whereby I have learned to exhibit my confidence, looks and poses as a freelance model. This has been greatly emphasized through all the personal briefings I had with my Booker and trainer in Create Talents. Being unfamiliar the industry, Create Talents had enlightened me in many ways; from elegant poises to displaying great enthusiasm before clients during auditions. Modeling is beyond individuality but a partnership with clients. It is the expansion of your spirit and exaltation of your strengths to complement each project. Create Talents has also changed my perception towards modeling; looks are not be all and end all. Especially true to commercial modeling as every adverts are unique so are the models. Yet they are ordinary people that you see everyday. Hence anyone can be a model too. The real substance of a model lies in her personality while looks are transformable through the wonders of make up and photography. If you can see a model in you, you will be able to execute as a model too."

- Eva M, who catwalks to overcome her stagefright

My humble prelude to commercial modeling started out during my university term break and had stumbled upon a newspaper recruitment ad. I was then invited for an interview and I was administered with a detailed consultation of the scope of projects from clients and the background of the company. I was still a little skeptical of the end results but I went ahead with the portfolio shoot as I thought it could be a suitable part-time job to gain new experiences. I was definitely quite appeased with the numerous projects that Create Talents had engaged me with thereafter. Most of the projects were quite fun as I had opportunities to interact and have a great time together with fellow models on the set while getting the job done. This had taught me how to orient around with people better by being free to express myself and correspond positively to spontaneous situations. The attractive remuneration of the assignments was a great way to earn on a freelance basis while studying. Overall, though I had started out with Create Talents as a holiday job, I had developed a greater interest in modeling along the way and anticipating to take on new genres of modeling in the near future."

- Roy T., a budding optician